Should David Wright come back in 2013, or shut it down?

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

David Wright told reporters Thursday that he intends to finish this season on field for the Mets, though he understands he can’t rush back and risk further injury.

Wright recently left for Port St. Lucie to step up his rehab for a strained right hamstring, which has an estimated six-week recovery time. He was put on the disabled list since early August.

“It’s pretty much against everything I believe in to shut it down,” Wright said about the possibility of not playing the rest of this season.

According to ESPN New York, “Wright was cautioned by Phillies infielder Michael Young to avoid overtaxing the muscle as he works back.”

That’s the concern, right? He pushes himself, gets back on field, but he isn’t 100 percent healed and he injures the hamstring again, making it worse, and possibly turning it in to a chronic condition. On the other hand, as a leader, is it important for him to hustle, work, and fight his way back, even if just for one game, because it sets a hard-working tone?

Michael Baron, Contributor

It depends on the timing of Wright’s return. I recognize the significance from the player’s perspective of being on the field, playing and competing on a day-to-day basis. But, we all know where things are heading in September, and it’s clear the strategy is to use the remaining games to evaluate the big league ready pieces within the organization.

If this injury is completely behind him inside of a week, then I’d say it’s appropriate for him to return. But if he can’t return until mid-September, it’s probably in everyone’s best interest to play it safe and for him to shut it down. That way, it’s ensured his leg is healthy in February, and the Mets will get a better chance to examine other players not just at third base, but at other infield positions as well.

Maggie Wiggin, Contributor

While my top priority is for Wright to play it safe and not take any unnecessary risks in his recovery, I do see a lot of value in his returning to the team in September, if at all possible. Especially with the loss of Marlon Byrd and John Buck, the team is very short on veteran leadership and having their captain  back in action can provide a big morale boost to end the season strong and also give their young players an excellent mentor who leads by example. Again, none of this is worth additional injury, so if there are any setbacks, he should definitely shut it down. But if he can safely play for the last two weeks, he would be a very positive addition.

Andrew Wharton, Contributor

If he’s healthy, Wright should absolutely return. The Mets need to evaluate what this lineup might look like with guys like Wright, Travis d’Arnaud, and Wilmer Flores making up the middle of the lineup. It also sends the right message to the young players, and he provides a much-needed veteran presence with Byrd and Buck being traded.

Yes, September is about evaluating future big leaguers within the organization, but I think an important piece of that is evaluating their inclusion with established veterans. Let’s face it–we all need something to cheer about in the wake of the Matt Harvey situation.