Jose Reyes will not negotiate during season

This afternoon at Citi Field, Sandy Alderson spoke with reporters and according to SNY Producer Matt Dunn, he said he reached out to the agents for Jose Reyes recently, but were told he will not negotiate a new contract until after the season.

That said, according to Dunn, Reyes said once again he wants to finish his career with the Mets – he just doesn’t want any distractions during the season.

Well Jose, it’s been a topic of discussion every day since you arrived in camp, so I’d hardly say it hasn’t already been a distraction…

In a radio interview last week, Sandy Alderson told Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno on WFAN he intended to reach out to Reyes’ agents to see what it might take to retain him beyond 2011. Yesterday, Alderson told SNY’s Jonas Schwartz he hopes Reyes returns after this season, but according to Jon Heyman of, a competing executive told him Reyes will likely top Carl Crawford’s seven year, $142 million deal he signed with the Red Sox this past winter.

I’m not completely surprised by this, considering this has been Reyes’ public stance since Spring Training. I’m sure it makes the decision to trade him more difficult for the front office, but like I said earlier today, I think the team’s chances of contending down the stretch diminish substantially without him, so I’d still be surprised if they trade him prior to the deadline.

Besides, if he is with the Mets, and the team is contending, the Mets will likely draw better at the ballpark, and as Sandy basically said last week on WFAN, that revenue helps a great deal going forward.

It may be the optimist in me, but assuming they don’t trade him this summer, there is still plenty of time to come to terms on a deal, and considering Reyes wants to stay with the Mets and Alderson has indicated he wants him back, hopefully both parties can come to a reasonable agreement for both sides.