Second Base: Eckstein will play 2B

According to, “David Eckstein is making it known that he wants to play second base next season.”

well, well, well…look who wants to play second

Eckstein, who is a free agent, had been hitting .277 with a 354 OBP in 77 games with the Blue Jays, before hitting just .219 with a .301 OBP in 18 after being traded to the D’Backs.

In my interview with Omar Minaya in early October, he said of his efforts to sign a second baseman last season, “When we looked at the market place, we liked David Eckstein a lot.  We tried to do a deal with Eckstein and we couldn’t get it done.”

…from what i understand, he was their top choice…if you recall, the Mets invited eckstein to New York City, gave him the tour of Greenwich, etc., but, from what can gather, he did not want to play second…the Mets could not wait, so they locked in to Luis Castillo, who had an offer from the Astros, while eckstein ultimately took a one-year from the Blue Jays, where, oddly enough, he played six games at second