Scott Hairston wants a raise, Ross gets three-years from D-Backs

According to Buster Olney of, Scott Hairston is looking for a deal worth significantly more than the one-year, $1.1 million contract he signed with the Mets last season.

Olney points out that Jonny Gomes, “a similar player,” signed a a two-year, $10 million deal from the Red Sox this winter.

12:11 pm: Mark Feinsand of the Daily News says the Diamondbacks have agreed to a three-year deal with Cody Ross.

Jim Bowden of ESPN says the deal is for three years and $26 million.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

7:11 am: There are several teams interested in Hairston, from the Yankees to the Mets to the Cardinals to the Phillies and others. Those teams are also interested in Cody Ross. Both free-agent outfielders are seeking a three-year deal.

There is buzz in Boston suggesting the Sox may still try to sign Ross, in the event they can move Jacoby Ellsbury, but he’s been a difficult player to trade this winter (because teams discounting him knowing he is one year away from free agency and Scott Boras is his agent). So, I wonder if this end of the outfield market is being held up by Boston a bit. The Red Sox have supposedly talked about a three-year deal with Ross, so he’ll probably hold out until they’re no longer an option… and, I assume Hairston is waiting on Ross.Of course, should another team (like the Phillies) decide to go to three years for either player, I’m sure they’ll take it. I don’t think that the team will be the Mets.

I just don’t see Sandy Alderson going to three years for either of these guys, even though he has to know he’s got to something soon in that outfield.

Michael Baron, Contributor

12:11 pm: Ross was a logical fit for the Mets, but not on a three-year deal.

I wonder if the Ross deal opens the door for Arizona to deal Jason Kubel. He’s not as strong of a fit as Ross since he’s left-handed, but Kubel is coming off a big year with Arizona after a disappointing 2011 season with the Twins. He saw a resurgence in power in 2012 and also notched 30 doubles, despite striking out 150 times. He’s not a very good defender. Also, the Mets have said they’re looking for right-handed power this winter and Kubel hits left-handed. He’s under control for $15 million through 2014 (there’s a $7.5 million mutual option for him in 2014).

If the Mets do acquire Kubel, they would have to find a way to get a right-handed hitter into the outfield. I wonder if they would include one of their holdovers in a deal and look for a right-handed (or switch hitting) outfielder elsewhere.