Hairston says it’s “probable” for return, Mets optimistic he can be re-signed

Scott Hairston 1 polaroidIn a report for ESPN New York, Adam Rubin says the Giants, Cardinals, Indians and Tigers have shown “real interest’ in Scott Hairston.

Hairston told Rubin it was still “probable” he could return to the Mets, although it remains to be seen whether or not they offer market value for his services.

Dec. 4, 7:15 am: Adam Rubin of ESPN New York says the Mets feel optimistic they will be able to re-sign Hairston.

Michael Baron, Contributor

Dec. 3, 4:50 pm: In an ideal world, Hairston is probably a platoon player, and a very solid fourth outfielder. Other teams are reportedly interested in him in that capactity as well. I’d like to see Hairston back, but it remains to be seen if he and the Mets will eventually agree to a new deal. At the end of last season, Sandy Alderson said Hairston’s recent production has earned him a multi-year deal (and probably a raise) for his next contract, which might have put him out of the Mets range at that time. But now that they’ve achieved some financial flexibility by cutting Bay, Alderson has said it’s possible Hairston could be brought back.