Saturday’s Highlights: Flores’ 2-run single, Mets score on error, Black gets out of a jam

Wilmer Flores drives in two with a single to left field to extend the lead to 3-0 in the bottom of the second inning. >>> Watch here.

Arismendy Alcantara misplays Juan Lagares’ fly ball, allowing two to score and extending the Mets’ lead to 6-1. >>> Watch here. 

Vic Black gets out of a bases-loaded jam inducing Anthony Rizzo to pop out to end the top of the seventh inning. >>> Watch here. 


TC to Flores, great job Wilmer now go sit on the bench!


Black was the key to the game and his inning was a thing of perfection.

his stuff is explosive and so far he has been everything you could want.  where is that poster who said he sucks?  did he suck last night?

Mets can contend next year but only if they acquire a legit ss and a LF who can hit. ( Den Decker could change my mind but it's unlikely.)  He should be leading off and playing daily.

Granderson should be in the 5th hole.  

Cubs and Mets should make a deal.   Castro or Russell should be the targets.  Harvery , Wheeleer and Degrom are off limits but Noah, Montero, Gee, Neise and Matz are not.  neither is Kevin P in AAA who could make any deal more worthwhile.  Neise, Montero and KP  ( throw in Flores as well) for Castro is a good deal for both teams and since Castro makes a couple of million more than Niese the mets can afford that deal.   for Russell you have to give up Noah and i'm not in favor of that.

the shame here is the mets could simply buy a left fielder if they had different ownership.  however i don't expect the Wilpons to spend any more money than this year so Mets will be more likely to go after s SS than a LF.  If the ss doesn't bust the budget ( castro wouldn't)  then they could try to offer a free agent the LF job.   Nelson Cruz would be near the top of my list.  I'm sure there are others if Den Decker doesn't work out.

Tulo and Gonzo should be considered too big a risk based on health and the huge amount of money owed.  Wilpons won't go there anyway.