Sandy might add players from lower levels to 40-man roster


On Tuesday, Sandy Alderson said he might have to add some players from the lower levels of the minor leagues to the 40-man roster, and some might be in a position to contribute at the big league level sooner rather than later.


Michael Baron: I just hope that doesn’t mean they are going to rush any of these guys to the big leagues. I understand the intrigue which surrounds all four of these pitchers, but a) Jenrry Mejia is only now about to throw a baseball since May Tommy John Surgery and b) all of the other guys have yet to pitch in a game above Double-A, let alone Wheeler having yet to experience Double-A at all. That doesn’t mean that one or more of these pitchers won’t be ready to contribute at some point in 2012; rather, I don’t want them to be rushed simply to fill a short-term need.

Regarding Mejia, earlier this year, Terry Collins suggested he could be transitioned into a reliever because of the amount of energy he uses with each pitch. Having said that, is he a candidate to close for this team either in the short or long term?