Sandy discusses the off-season, d’Arnaud & Hairston, roster needs

Image (1) Sandy-Alderson-polaroid.jpg for post 140383This afternoon on WFAN, Sandy Alderson spoke with Mike Francesa and said he feels the team is incomplete right now, but there’s still time to make the necessary changes.

“We’re still confronted with 2013, and I’m not happy with the preparation for 2013,” Alderson explained.

He said would not make any guarantees, but he expects there will be additions before Spring Training, especially in the outfield, which he knows is a big weakness at the moment.

Alderson said the issue right now in their negotiation with Scott Hairston is how much playing time the team is willing to commit to him.

“If one or two things might happen, that might affect [Hairston’s] playing time,” he explained.

The Mets are looking at other options, although he said the chances of that happening are “50-50.”

As far as the bullpen is concerned, Alderson said he feels “uneasy,” and he is considering multiple options in an effort to improve.

Brian Wilson‘s┬ávelocity was good during a private workout last week and Alderson was pleased with where Wilson is in his rehabilitation from Tommy John Surgery, though he only threw 20 pitches during the session.

However, “[Wilson] has a ways to go,” Alderson added.

Though he always has an eye on the future, Alderson said he is focused on improving the roster for 2013.

“My dominant eye is on ’13,” he explained. “You’re looking at both, no question about that. But the stronger focus is on ’13. I know that doesn’t really corroborate with what we’ve done this off-season. But, let’s see – when everything is said and done – where we are. I can assure you that where we are right now is not where we want to be opening Spring Training. It’s conceivable we could be in the same position, but it’s not where we want to be.”

He said he hopes the fans realize his main focus right now is on 2013, and they are not dismissing the season whatsoever.

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Alderson also said the following:

  • It’s possible Travis d’Arnaud could make the team out of camp – it will depend on how he performs during Spring Training.
  • Before they traded for d’Arnaud, the Mets brought him to New York to have his knee examined. They also spoke to him about his injury.
  • d’Arnaud would have to be the everyday catcher if he makes the club – he will not serve as the backup.
  • Sandy will be at the Las Vegas 51’s home opener on April 4.
  • Collin Cowgill could be an under-the-radar addition.
  • The speed of the development of the trade market impacted the pace of his negotiation with R.A. Dickey – there wasn’t a big gap in terms of how the Mets valued R.A., but they really wanted to see what they could get for him in a trade.
  • Dillon Gee and Johan Santana are healthy – Santana wants to pitch in the World Baseball Classic, but he isn’t eligible right now due to ending the 2012 season on the disabled list.
  • Sandy is encouraged by the fact Santana wants to and feels he’s capable of pitching in the World Baseball Classic.
  • Sandy feels since Santana is in the last year of his contract, he could be extra-motivated.
  • Matt Harvey isn’t on an innings limit in 2013.
  • While it’s unlikely Zack Wheeler will make the team out of camp, he could be in the mix for a rotation spot if the Mets do not acquire another starting pitcher.
  • Sandy is not happy with the progress of the big league club since he took over at the end of 2010, but he feels they are on their way to building a strong foundation, and doesn’t feel the process needs to be long-term.

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