Mets may not acquire OF before Spring Training

Mike Baxter 1 polaroidThis morning on MLB Network Radio, Sandy Alderson said it’s possible the Mets might not make a significant acquisition in the outfield this off-season.

“There’s not a lot left on the shelf,” Alderson explained. “At some point, we have to realize the outfield is not the strength of our team. But, at least going into Spring Training, we may be looking at what we have and not being able to make an addition.”

In regards to losing Scott Hairston to the Cubs, Alderson said Hairston wanted a full-time role and the Mets were considering other full-time options instead.

Last week, Terry Collins told Adam Rubin of ESPN New York he would consider both Justin Turner and minor leaguers Zach Lutz in the outfield. In addition, the Mets invited Matt Den Dekker to Spring Training.

Michael Baron, Contributor

Right now, the outfield isn’t just a weakness, it’s an absolute joke… and putting more players out there who are out of position makes the mess messier. Frankly, if they can’t sign Michael Bourn, I’d rather they look at both Den Dekker and Jordany Valdespin as opposed to Turner and Lutz. Den Dekker is already an outstanding defensive center fielder, and Valdespin proved last season he is at least capable of playing there as well.