Sandy Alderson says don’t view Zack Wheeler as the ‘savior’; Francesa rips Mets

6:20 pm: Sandy Alderson joined Mike Francesa for twenty minutes on Monday afternoon. Here’s what Alderson had to say…

  • On the poor start to the season: “Well, look, I’m not sure things can devolve any further … Anytime you’ve gone 6-17, you feel that things should have been better. I suffer through these games too. That’s not to absolve me or anyone else of what’s happened. We’re not sitting on our hands. We’ve got to think through everything we’re doing.”
  • Image (1) Sandy-Alderson-polaroid.jpg for post 140383More on the start of the season and the players: “It’s tough for me to say to Mets fans you have to be more patient … I’m not happy with the way the team has played either. At this particular juncture, there’s not much available to us. The players have to play better … We can start jettisoning those players but we have to decide if that’s in our best interest and the players best interest, in the short term and the long term.”
  • On Zack Wheeler: “It’s unfair to him to view him as the savior of the Mets.”
  • On keeping Wheeler in the minor leagues: “This is not about Super 2 status.”
  • More on Wheeler: “There will come a time when his performance converges with our needs.”
  • On the coaches and plan: “It’s not as if players have rejected the coaches … Ike Davis is working hard. He’s doing everything that anyone is asking him to do. This is not about anyone giving up or quitting. The tone continues to be constructive.”
  • On Jordany Valdespin being hit by a pitch on Saturday: “He was going to have to hit one of those two days. At some point he’s going to have to go out there and hit. I don’t think it was a surprise to anybody what transpired. It’s unfair to say we didn’t hit a Pittsburgh player, that he didn’t have a friend … He’s part of the Mets. He’s part of our team. We have a responsibility to the entire team to become the best player he can be. This is not an attempt in the last few weeks or few months … He’s a better player and he will continue to be better. But the notion that he was just hung out to dry is a mistake … Everything that goes on is not verbalized or overt within the media … I’m not telling you he’s the most popular guy in the clubhouse, that would be misleading.”
  • On Rick Ankiel: “We’re waiting for outfielders to develop or return from injury and we think [Ankiel] could be a nice bridge.”
  • On the starting rotation: “The starting pitching hasn’t been good outside of [Matt] Harvey, but that’s something we have to correct. I hope Jon Niese will return to form.”

3:15 pm: Francesa opened his show today ranting about the Mets, saying: “The Mets, when Matt Harvey doesn’t pitch, are so bad it is embarrassing. They are so listless. They are so unwatchable.  This is as bad as I’ve ever seen it. This is not for David Wright. This is not for Matt Harvey. It’s not for Parnell, either. But, for any other Met, this is for you: You stink. That’s basically it. The rest of you, forget it. It’s just absolutely awful. … There’s about 20 guys (on the roster), get them out of here. We’ve seen enough of them to last a life time. They should pay the fans to go see this team play. It is unbelievable  It has to change now, because you can’t even watch this team any more, that’s how sorry it is.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

2:20 pm: Great, because Francesa seems to be the only person capable of getting meaningful answers from this GM. As a fan, I appreciate this style. I respect it. However, as a person writing a Mets blog looking for reasons for success and failure, it can be rather maddening. Alderson holds his cards close to the vest. For Francesa, though, who asks him the same question 10 different ways for 30 minutes, he tends to give actual answers.

So, I hope Mike asks him about Jordany Valdespin, and if Terry Collins pinch hit him to ultimately teach him a lesson; and, if so, why isn’t his manager handling this internally? I hope he asks Alderson about the disconnect between talking about power hitters and yet having zero power hitters. I hope he asks about when the team intends to promote Zack Wheeler? And, I hope he asks him to explain why fans should watch the Mets, outside of Matt Harvey.