Recap: Sandy talks about 2B, Johan, & picking a roster

Earlier today, Sandy Alderson talked to reporters about the state of the team, and said he will give serious consideration to the opinions of Terry Collins, the coaches, and his scouts, when settling on a 25-man roster.

In addition, Alderson basically said:

  • There are no updates on Carlos Beltran;
  • Second base is an offensive position; and the team will likely be eliminating candidates for second base in the next few days;
  • There has been so much written and discussed about Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, he has wondered out loud if someone could write about something else;
  • He thinks the second base competition will play itself out, but it won’t necessarily go to the guy with the best spring training numbers – a certain amount of off-season evaluation will have an impact;
  • He is as optimistic now as he was at the start of camp;
  • The team is playing well;
  • In regards to stories about Johan Santana possibly missing the entire season,  he asked, “Has mythology continued to grow, or are we back to reality mode?”

To listen to all of Alderson’s talk with reporters, click play here: