Alderson spoke to David Wright’s agents, intends to work quickly on a new deal

Today on WFAN, Sandy Alderson spoke with Mike Francesa and said he has talked with David Wright and his agents since the conclusion of the season yesterday, and said while there are no guarantees of a resolution to a contract extension, “we’re going to move on this very quickly.”

In regards to Jason Bay, Alderson said he does not intend to release him this winter –  he  expects Bay to be with the team in Spring Training in February.

As for the changes he intends to make this winter, Alderson said again he doesn’t expect to make any major acquisitions via the free agent market, although he expects to make significant changes at the catcher position as well as in the outfield, describing those positions as not currently “championship caliber.”

“There will be more substantial changes [at catcher and in the outfield] than subtle changes,” Alderson said.

He also suggested it was unlikely he would consider dealing from his crop of Major and Minor League pitching which is close during the off-season, but would consider trading other Minor Leaguers “under the right circumstances.”

Alderson explained he is not intending to test the patience of the fan base, and feels the team will have better players on the roster heading into next season.

“I’m not intentionally trying their patience,” Alderson said. “I would look at 2013 as another opportunity for us to exceed what expectations people have had. I think we accomplished that in the first half, and we accomplished that when there wasn’t any overhang [in 2012, as opposed to 2011 after trading Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran]. … This year, I think that there were no limitations. Unfortunately, we went in a tailspin. So, I’m very optimistic. … I think we can be much better on paper going in. The sense of confidence I hope we can continue or begin to rebuild with the fans is going into 2013 is going to start with Wright and Dickey. Just the fact we’re able to say ‘look, we’re prepared, we’re capable of signing these two players.’ That’s a step, and that’s a major step in the right direction.”

Alderson does not believe the team’s struggles in the second half were due to a lack of effort, although he was equally as frustrated as Terry Collins was with the results.

“The only effort I questioned in the second half was our hitting approach … I think we lost our focus, our approach to things for a while. But that’s a part of the game. I don’t think they mailed it in at any point of the season,” Alderson explained.

In addition, Alderson basically said:

  • Scott Hairston had an outstanding year, and warrants a contract for more than one year.
  • He will be careful about trading Ike Davis due to the fact it will be very difficult to replace his power potential on the market.
  • Lucas Duda’s best position is first base, but he will be a left fielder on this team the way it’s constructed.
  • The Mets need to hit more doubles and home runs, saying, “the teams that are winning are pitching and hitting the ball out of the park.”
  • Matt Harvey‘s demeanor both while he was pitching and after he was shutdown was very impressive.
  • He doesn’t expect Johan Santana will need to contribute at the level he has been asked to over the first part of his tenure with the Mets.
  • He expects Dillon Gee to be healthy next season.
  • The $50 million owed to both Bay and Santana next season don’t offer him much flexibility for the 2013 payroll, although he maintains the payroll is expected to be around $100 million next year.

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