Sandy Alderson discusses R.A.’s situation, new acquisitions

Tonight in Nashville, Sandy Alderson talked with reporters on his first night at the MLB Winter Meetings, which run through this Thursday.

Alderson said he met in person with R.A. Dickey today, but it was purely social, as he will not negotiate without an agent present.

Alderson expects to talk with other teams about Dickey this week, with talks maybe even extending beyond the Winter Meetings. In either case, he explained, it is not ideal to proceed with Dickey just playing out his one-year option for the Mets in 2013. And so, if he keeps Dickey, it will be because he makes the team better than any players he can get in return.

As far as new players are concerned, Alderson suggested there aren’t currently enough free agents at the Mets spending level to meet their needs, so they will likely need to execute trades in order to accomplish their goals.

Alderson said they will know how the free agent market plays out over the course of the next few days.