Rumors: Mets Scouting Winn?

At Gotham
, Mark Healy
writes that the Mets were recently scouting Giants OF Randy Winn, who is signed through 2009 and has
a no-trade clause this year.

For 2008-09 he can block deals to 10

…well this doesn’t make much
sense, unless winn really wants to play for the
Mets and would opt out of his clause…he’s also pretty
old and i would imagine he’d be just as much an injury risk and

Healy also notes that
the Pirates have contacted the Mets regarding Shawn
and Damaso Marte, who has a 1.21 ERA and 1.03

...updated by Matthew Cerrone

…actually, i like the idea of winn, assuming he is
brought on to be a spot starter and a right-handed bat off the bench since he’s
a switch hitter…he’d be a perfect outfield bench player for a post-season
run….additionally, he puts the ball in play and is a solid top-of-the-order,
small-ball player, which the team could use in the absence of
Endy Chavez...i actually think this makes a ton of