Rubin: Reese Havens might need back surgery

Last week, Adam Rubin of ESPN said Mets 2B prospect Reese Havens may be ‘facing back surgery,’ pending the result of treatment.

“Havens has missed over a full year’s worth of games in his first two and half years as a professional,” Toby Hyde says, in a post to Mets Minor League Blog, in which he further investigates the possible surgery.

“Just one year ago in the Arizona Fall League, he told me that he did not feels as though he was injury prone, and the injuries that plagued him in 2008 and 2009 were merely bad luck.  Well, then that’s three years in row of bad luck.”

Nevertheless, in regards to Havens, and second base, and the farm system in general, the always-informative Mack, from Mack Mets, recently wrote:

“The good news is the level of talent depth here. Frankly, it’s something I ‘m seeing not only at second and short, but also in the outfield. Prospect depth by position has been rare the past five years, but, I gotta tell ya, there’s a lot going on down on the farm right now.

“The bad news is the fact that all the names listed above are very talented minor league prospects trying to fit into a system.  Havens is the opposite. He is a special talent that a system would adjust itself to.”

In Spring Training every year, I set a player to keep an eye on, learn about, etc.  In 2007, it was Jon Niese.  In 2008: Brad Holt.  Last year: Ike Davis.  Next year, it has to be Havens, and also Kirk Nieuwenhuis.