Mets Hire Terry Collins to be Manager

According to multiple reports, Terry Collins has been named Mets manager.

Updated at 7:05 pm:’s Jon Heyman says Collins will sign a two-year deal.

The Daily News agrees with what was said earlier, which is that Mookie Wilson and Dave Wallace are being considered for the team’s bench.

Updated at 6:22 pm:

The team has said, “We’ve made our decision and we are working on the terms of a contract.”

Updated at 6:04 pm:

According to ESPN New York, Dave Wallace is the leading candidate to be pitching coach, and Ken Oberkfell could become the team’s bench coach.

Updated at 5:47 pm:

The Daily News says Bob Melvin will not be the team’s bench coach, though Chip Hale will remain on the big-league coaching staff.

I’ve also heard they’re considering bringing back Mookie Wilson to coach first.

Updated at 5:03 pm:

According to people familiar with the decision process, Backman and Hale were immediately eliminated from contention after their second interviews, and the management spent the weekend debating between Collins and Melvin.

Backman will likely be asked to manage in the minor leagues again.

Here are other notes and observations since the story broke

Added at 5:23 pm:

Apparently, the Mets split the difference between Wally Backman’s inexperience, but passion and love for the team, and Bob Melvin, with his experience, but even-keel, uninspiring approach.

Here is what I wrote about Collins a few days ago:

“He worries me. It sounds to me like he has the best chance to be Willie Randolph: Part II. Like Willie, despite being good at teaching and creating discipline in the clubhouse, also like Randolph I hear he’s defensive, he talks a lot, he’s a bit paranoid when dealing with reporters who question him, and he is not likely to translate well with the fan base, assuming the team is struggling. Also, his constant talk about winning, despite never finishing better than second place, reminds me of Randolph’s obnoxious and delusional talk of champagne at the end of 2007.”

I hope I’m wrong. In the end, it doesn’t matter what I think. Hopefully, Sandy Alderson knows where the roster is headed, and picked the best manager to lead that squad. Plus, I do think Collins will ‘change the culture,’ as they say.

“He won’t stand for anyone’s bullshit, no matter how much money the player is making,” one person told me a few minutes ago, who used to play for Collins. So, that’s nice to hear.

It seems like the Mets went with someone who touches on all other candidates: He’s positive and ‘fiery’ like Backman, but he’s not Wally. He’s smart, but maybe not as smart as Melvin. He’s a bit of a wild card, and very creative, though maybe not as much as Bobby Valentine. It’s kind of like they must have made a matrix of qualities, and Collins touched on all corners.

Added at 5:30 pm:

Plus, like someone close to the team just told me on IM, don’t underestimate the role of Fred Wilpon in this pick, as Collins and Sandy Koufax are good friends from their time in Los Angeles, and, as we all know, Koufax and Wilpon are close friends. Plus, there is the Paul DePodesta-Dodgers connection to Collins as well. So, I’m sure none of this hurt Terry’s case…

Speaking of which, here are 10 more tidbits about Collins from ESPN.

Added at 5:43 pm:

OK. Great. Now, start working on the roster, Sandy. Because, Wally, Melvin, Bobby, Torre, Terry, whatever, the same roster is going to get similar results to the last few seasons. I look forward to seeing what happens the rest of the off-season, since what’s next will determine the team’s fate more than the selection of the manager.

Added at 7:10 pm:

Here is video from Rubin of Collins talking after last week’s second interview.