Results of today's Manager Poll on MetsBlog


I know Jeff Wilpon, Sandy Alderson, and more or less every one working at the Mets, is aware of how some fans feel about Backman.  Also, it should be noted that ‘some’ fans want Backman, not all.  The thing is, wisely, they’re going to make their decision based on what is best for the team, which includes the fans, but also factors in the players, the team being built, the media, the market, salary, experience, personality, etc.  It will hopefully be an intellectual decision, not an emotional one.

Based on this poll, Twitter, Facebook, my inbox, and so on, I do expect lots of moaning and groaning if it is Melvin.  I believe people will get behind Hale, and will be fairly split on Collins.  Backman will deliever the strongest reaction, not just from people who support him, but from people who do not.

In the end, personally, like I have been saying, I don’t really care either way.  I feel it is unfair to demand a manager for a team I am not yet aware of.  I have no idea what the Mets will look like in 2012, and so I can’t in good conscience identify who is best to lead them.

In 1996, the headlines read ‘Clueless Joe,’ when Joe Torre was hired to manage the Yankees.  Their fans were beyond disappointed.  Yet, 5 years later the man could have run and won as Mayor.  The point is, you never know how it will turn out.  The Yankees won because of the talent on the field, not the guy sitting like at the end of the dugout.  And so will the Mets.

Pick a manager, Sandy, so you can start rebuilding the roster.