Results and Video from Mets Police Awards

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

This past weekend, held the first live-ceremony of the Mets Police Awards.

In regards to the online community, the Gunslinger of the Year award went to Mark Healey; the Have You Read My Post Award went to Ed Marcus from The Real Dirty Mets blog; Fan Of The Year rightfully went to Darren Meenan of The 7 Line; naturally, Best Writer went to Faith and Fear in Flushing’s Greg Prince, which is a no brainer; Best Looking went to Randy Media of Read the Apple; and Blog of the Year went to MetsBro, who did a terrific job covering uniform changes this winter.

Their site’s fan vote awarded me Most Powerful Person in the Blogosphere, which I’m happy to accept. However, I’m one guy, and I get a lot of help producing consistent content on this blog. The true power of the Mets blogosphere is in the strength and loyalty of the overall online community, which can be found here, other Mets blogs, and on Twitter and Facebook. It’s so unique and passionate we still have the most fan blogs for any professional sports team. It’s pretty incredible. This will be my 10th season writing MetsBlog, I’ve seen this through trend after trend, I’ve seen blogs start and stop and start again, and I’m happy to say the current level of online enthusiasm among fans has never been greater.

To read more about the Awards, check out this post… or watch this: