Relief Pitcher: Mets likely to trade for Reliever

From what I can gather, the Mets are likely to make a trade for a relief pitcher, who has experience as a closer, before they move to sign either Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes or Kerry Wood.

This would be smart, if for no other reason then it puts additional pressure on the current group of free agent closers.

If I had to make an educated guess, I would bet on a deal built around a current pitcher, such as Aaron Heilman, in exchange for pitcher like Rockies RHP Huston Street, who the Mets have reportedly expressed interest in.

This morning on WFAN,’s Jon Heyman predicted the Mets will sign at least two or three free agent pitchers this off-season, including a closer, a set-up man and a starting pitcher.

Frankly, if the Mets end up acquiring, say, Street, signing a closer like Rodriguez, as well as signing another set-up man, like Juan Cruz or Joe Beimel, it will be fair to call that an upgrade in the bullpen, to say the least.