Red Sox seeking a shortstop or starting pitcher for Jacoby Ellsbury

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe said on SiriusXM Radio the Red Sox are trying to move Jacoby Ellsbury, and are seeking either a shortstop or a starting pitcher in return.

Michael Baron, Contributor

As Cafardo said on his spot on MLB Radio, it’s going to be difficult for Boston to get what they want for Ellsbury because he is represented by Scott Boras, and so it’s all but certain he will go to free agency next Winter. His injuries and inconsistencies play a role as well. But I wonder if that could actually lower his trade value to a point where it wouldn’t cost a guy like R.A. Dickey or Jon Niese. I still don’t know if there’s a match at that point considering other teams might have more appealing secondary options than the Mets do. But if Boston is really motivated to move Ellsbury (as opposed to waiting for the trade deadline) and they are unable to sign anyone on the free agent market, it could be worth watching.