Recap: Thyroid Specialist about Reyes on WFAN

This morning on WFAN, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts talked to Dr. Christine Resta, a thyroid specialist, about the situation with Jose Reyes.

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In short, Dr. Resta said, because his thyroid levels are fast, it could make his heart rate increase, even when he is sitting still, “So, if you exert yourself, you can put too much strain on the heart.”

In such cases, she tells her patients to cut back on exerting themselves, “at least until your levels get better.”

In her opinion, based on what she has read and heard, “It sounds like he has thyroiditis, which does get better by itself,” but, “the beginning part, could be as short as a few weeks, but it could be longer and take two months.”

Dr. Resta says medication will not help thyroiditis, ‘because it’s like getting a virus in your thyroid,’ you can only wait for the levels to get better.

In men, thyroiditis is typically caused by a virus, which is common, or an auto-immune condition, though diet should not be an issue, though it can be.

In her opinion, she has never heard of HGH causing thyroiditis.

In the end, she said, “If his thyroid is very fast and he really over exerts himself, he could develop palpitations, irregular heartbeat, older people can have heart-attacks, because it really is a strain on the heart, even for younger, healthy people,” like Reyes.

Dr. Resta said, in most people, it takes three to four weeks before they see better blood levels.