Recap: The Essential Jerry Manuel from Yesterday's Win

PolaroidTrimmedFollowing yesterday’s win against the Rockies, Mets manager Jerry Manuel talked to reporters and essentially said:

  • Mike Pelfrey has had three good starts in a row, including his last Spring Training start.  He’s been impressive.  He’s doing a good job keeping his secondary pitches down. 
  • The Mets needed a game like yesterday.
  • Pitching sets the tone for this team.
  • He hopes pitching, like Pelfrey pitched, is contagious.
  • He doesn’t mind aggressive base running, but his team must be smarter about it.
  • “If you’re gonna be a fastbreak team, you’ve to expect turnovers.  It’s the same for us.  if we’re gonna be a running team, we’re gonna run in to some bad situations.”
  • There was no sign given when Luis Castillo got tagged out trying to steal second base, while Jose Reyes did not attempt to simultaneously steal third.
  • This team has enough character to handle difficult situations.

To listen Manuel’s entire talk with reporters, click play below:

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Mr.Schlosser, As the lead writer, I am stunned by the fact that you excluded crediting the premier NY sportswriter, HARVEY ARATON, the author of the critically acclaimed book that the movie is based on! Why did you omit any references to Mr. Araton? He scripted a great book which shares the same title.

Harvey Araton deserves a big piece of the credit here for documenting and writing this book.  This was an awesome read that really made the 1970's feel real to me, I'm an 80's baby.  The end of the book, Harvey talks about David Lee and how he was the only player on the roster in the mid 2000's to carry on that spirit of being a Knick.