Text & Audio: Terry meeting with media today in PSL

Terry Collins talked to reporters earlier this afternoon, and basically said:

  • Today’s workouts were ‘outstanding,’ and he was ‘very impressed.’
  • He was also impressed with turnout at last night’s bowling event.
  • His talk to his team this morning was more Gen. Patton, than President Lincoln.
  • He and Sandy Alderson both talked and stressed what it means to be on the Mets.
  • He wants the team to be aware of how people on the outside are already counting them out. He wants the team to believe in itself, because they’re good enough to win. He likes seeing them talk, and be quoted in newspapers, but wants them to be on record and ‘take ownership of what they say.
  • He was happy with how things went today, but he will not be shy to call people out, ‘because I give a shit,’ and I’ll get mad. That said, “today is the most fun I’ve had in 12 years,” and that is because of the way the team hustled and performed.

Updated at 3:38 pm:

To hear the entire interview session with Terry Collins click play below: