Recap: Sandy talks Reyes, K-Rod, trade deadline, etc.


This morning on WFAN’s Benigno and Roberts, Sandy Alderson said he intends to reach out to Jose Reyes’s agents soon.

Alderson is aware of the fan sentiment regarding Reyes and acknowledged that it has an effect on these kinds of decisions.

However, while Reyes has expressed his loyalty to the Mets and the fans, he doesn’t know if Jose intends to test free agency this winter. Alderson says he hasn’t gotten to the point in determining the limits of a contract for Reyes, but there always has to be standards regardless of who the player is.

  • He recognizes the contract situation surrounding Francisco Rodriguez and that it’s a “difficult situation” – at this point, Terry Collins uses him as he sees fit and at the end, the team is winning games.
  • He feels the returns of David Wright, Ike Davis, and Johan Santana provide a similar boost to acquiring players at the trade deadline, but he also believes the Wilpons will provide payroll flexibility to go outside the organization if necessary.
  • He hopes people show up at the ballpark, as that additional revenue helps to create that flexibility – ‘that’s not a request; it’s an obvious factor.’
  • He’s very pleased with the way the team has been playing, and the leadership from Terry Collins.
  • Terry Collins has been terrific in a variety of ways – his energy has been well directed, his communication with the players has been great, and he’s been authentic with the media.
  • After Wright and Davis are re-evaluated next week, there will be more clarity as to when they might return.
  • He feels Davis will take longer than Wright to return – he’s hopeful Wright gets a “green light” next week.
  • He’s not concerned with Wright or Davis disrupting the chemistry of the team – rather, he feels there will be an emotional lift when Wright returns.
  • They have not considered a minor league assignment for Jason Bay.
  • He sees Ruben Tejada being the future second baseman of this team – he feels he’s had good plate discipline, but there’s room for improvement.
  • He’s very impressed with Dillon Gee’s ability to throw strikes and mix speeds.
  • Asked about the possibility of acquiring Scott Kazmir, Alderson acknowledged that the minor league depth is very thin right now.
  • They check the waiver wire everyday, and are aware Kazmir has been released. “It’s a possibility.” he said regarding Kazmir.
  • His faith in the team has been tested at times, and so he won’t make any predictions.