Recap: Sandy on WFAN, talking payroll & injuries

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This afternoon, Mets GM Sandy Alderson was on WFAN today and basically said:

  • He was surprised to read reports suggesting he could have just $100 million in payroll next season, as it’s lower than what has been discussed with him by ownership to this point.
  • Instead, he expects the payroll to be between $100 million and $145 million in 2012.
  • It cannot be assumed the Mets WON’T make an offer to Jose Reyes, as he has a very positive view about him after watching him play so far this season.
  • The statements made by Wilpon were made when the team wasn’t playing well, and sometimes they make sense at that time, but now they have a different connotation.
  • He thinks Wilpon’s frustrations were shared by a lot of people in the organization at the time he made his comments.
  • He doesn’t think this issue will be a lingering problem in the clubhouse.
  • He says the message Terry Collins is trying to convey to the team is that they are not a group of overachievers.

In regards to the team’s list of injuries, he basically said:

  • David Wright exercised his right to get a second opinion on his back, which is what he did by going to Los Angeles to visit Dr. Watkins, who confirmed the team’s original diagnosis. Wright is back in New York and did not lose time in his recovery by getting a second opinion.
  • Angel Pagan will play in Port St. Lucie today, Buffalo tomorrow and the expectation is he will return on Friday.
  • Ike Davis will not come off the DL tomorrow. He is not pain free at this point, and so he isn’t sure when he’ll be back.
  • By not scoring very many runs lately, the team will have to rely on starting pitching until some of the injured players come back.
  • He is proud of the way the team has fought back from the first couple of weeks of the season.