Recap: Paul DePodesta's Q&A with Baseball Prospectus

Earlier today, Mets assistant GM Paul DePodesta did a chat with Baseball Prospectus, during which he basically said:

  • The Mets minor league system has been treated fairly.
  • He believes it is best to simply draft the best player available, regardless of whether that player is in college, in high school, a pitcher or position player.
  • He likes to be ‘aggressive in the draft,’ and ‘take some shots where it’s appropriate.’
  • Though it is a success in baseball to produce one or two major league players per draft, he has challenged his staff to be better and more consistent than that.
  • Jenrry Mejia is a stud; his stuff is electric; he’s a tremendous worker with great energy and a bright, bright future; and he’s very glad he’s a Met.
  • He enjoyed writing his blog while with the Padres; and, though he’d like to return to doing it with the Mets, so far, he just hasn’t had time.
  • Aderlin Rodriguez and Darrell Ceciliani are two prospects he likes a lot, but who have not been given a lot of popular attention.
  • Wilmer Flores can really hit.
  • Cesar Puello has big power, and can be a five-tool player.
  • Moneyball is not about statistics or On Base Percentage, “It is about constantly questioning the efficacy of your belief system and trying to uncover value where it’s not readily apparent.”
  • If not working in baseball, today he’d either be a tight-rope walker, sumo wrestler, or international man of mystery.

To read each question and answer in full, go to Baseball Prospectus.