Recap: Omar Minaya on Autonomy and Spending

Last night on SNY’s Mets Hot Stove, host Kevin Burkhardt asked Mets GM Omar Minaya if he still has ‘full autonomy,’ as he proclaimed when he was hired back in 2004.

Minaya said, ‘Yes, I do.’  He acknowledged knowing there has been talk that he doesn’t, but he disagreed with those reports, saying:

“We have a good staff that works well together.  The bottom line is, I have assistants who help make decisions around me, but it’s full autonomy and we feel good about working together… So, when I tell you I have full autonomy, I have full autonomy.”

…the thing is, i really could care less who is making the decisions… it’s the actual decisions i am most concerned with… if it takes 100 guys to put their heads together to do what’s right, so be it… yes, i agree that is unlikely to work… but, i think some fans and media get more bogged down in the decision-making process sometimes than they pay attention to the actual decisions

In terms of spending on free agents, Minaya said he has had no limitations this off season from Ownership, saying, “We acquired the players we wanted,” including Jason Bay, and small pieces that are important for ‘building out the bench,’ such as Henry Blanco and Alex Cora.

“There are certain guys who were able to get certain dollars,” he explained, when trying to describe the talent on this year’s free-agent market.  “You have to remember, this year, I think across the board, everybody felt that this was not the best free-agent class, but we focused on certain guys, and one of those guys was Jason Bay, who I’m very happy we were able to get him.”

i’ll give him that… it wasn’t just the Mets who kept saying this was a weak free-agent class, and the next two off-seasons would likely be significantly better… what’s more, it sounded to me like, he didn’t end up signing Joel Pineiro or Bengie Molina because of budget restraints, so much as he just didn’t feel they were worth spending any more money on than they offered… in other words, they valued these guys where they valued them, and if these players chose to play some place else, so be it… and i think that is the right approach… the problem is, what was the back-up plan

To see video fo Minaya from last night’s Mets Hot Stove, watch this video on SNY.TV.