Recap: Sandy Alderson discusses investing in big league roster within six months

This morning at Citi Field, Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins, Matt Harvey, Dillon Gee, John Buck, Bobby Parnell and Howie Rose participated in a Q&A session with fans.

Alderson said the organization is at the stage when they can begin adding veteran talent to the big league club, now that some of their young talent has emerged or is emerging from the farm system.

Alderson described the stage as a shift in organizational planning, and they will begin to seriously pursue talent from outside the organization within the next six months.

Alderson noted the organization has invested a lot of money in players with very little return, but assured fans they were through doing that.

There will be some “different faces” brought to the Mets between now and the All-Star break, Alderson said. He did not say whether those players would be from inside or outside the organization.

Alderson said there would be “larger amounts of money” to invest in veterans in the short-term, noting in order to be a good team, risk-taking is necessary.

Cesar Puello currently has a dislocated finger, but his status on the 40-man roster makes him a possibility to join the Mets at some point this season, Alderson explained. He also said they can call up Wilmer Flores at, “any time.”

However, Alderson said while Rafael Montero only needs 70 or 80 more innings in the minor leagues, the fact he’s not on the 40-man roster makes him a long shot to be with the Mets this season.

Here are some other notable tidbits and quotes from the Q&A session:

  • Alderson believes Gary Carter’s number should be retired by the Mets, but he doesn’t have a say in the matter.
  • Alderson wants the fans to be happy and proud of the Mets.
  • Harvey will pitch between 200-210 innings this season, Alderson told fans.
  • The Mets balance analytics with subjectiveness in their scouting, Alderson said.
  • Buck told fans he hopes Zack Wheeler can match Harvey’s success at the big league level.
  • “I want to be in the spotlight,” Harvey said to the fans.
  • Harvey said the lack of run support is out of his control and said, “my job is to put up zeros.”
  • Gee was very disappointed in his early season performance, and knew he was letting people down.
  • Collins said in the past, base running was instinctive, but now players need to be taught how to properly execute it.
  • Harvey’s and Parnell’s favorite pitcher was John Smoltz, Gee liked Nolan Ryan and Buck followed Gary Carter.


Hat tip to Mets Bro on Twitter for the picture and curation…