Recap: Jose Reyes' First Day Back in PSL

According to SNY Producer Matt Dunn, Jose Reyes said doctors told him he had a virus which caused the elevation in his thyroid levels, and as a result, he now has diet restrictions, such as not being able to eat seafood.

Ask whether or not he would be ready for Opening Day, Reyes said he’s going to take things one day at a time and will work as hard as he can to be ready as soon as possible, but needs to see how his leg responds.

…i don’t want the Mets to baby him, but at the same time, i do think they need to be cautious and focus on getting his legs back into game-ready shape…i’ll deal with him being out the first few days of the season if it means Reyes is stronger and healthier for the entire year…

Asked about how he felt being back, Reyes said he felt better than he expected he would feel after spending 20 days on his couch watching TV.

Asked how he handled the news about his thyroid, Reyes said it was different than an injury, as it was a problem with his life, and while he needed to take a step back and think about things, he was disappointed he couldn’t be at Spring Training with his teammates.

…i’m sure it was difficult for him, but i’m glad for him and his family they caught this when they did and he didn’t do anything to exacerbate the condition and put himself in jeopardy…

Reyes said he is excited to get into a game, saying he’s ‘going to feel like a little kid’ because it’s been so long since he’s played.

…this is what i love so much about Jose…he just seems to love playing the game, and he brings such positive energy to his teammates and to the game itself…

Reyes said he expects to be a little sore tomorrow after sitting idle for so long, but he felt good during his workouts, which included hitting, fielding grounders and throwing to first base, and running, although he didn’t run at full speed today.

Asked what he did at home, Reyes said he watched a lot of movies and enjoyed spending time with his family, and also watched the Mets Grapefruit League games on TV.