Recap: Jerry Manuel on WFAN

Today on WFAN, Mets manager Jerry Manuel talked to Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno, two die-hard Mets fans filling in for Mike Francesa, and basically said:

– He knew Ike Davis had four hits in six at bats against Nate Robertson, but he entered the series committed to starting Fernando Tatis in the second game – and Davis needed a day off.

– Francisco Rodriguez told Manuel before last night’s game that he needed to pitch yesterday, ‘He needed an inning,’ so, because they were on the road, he gave him the eighth inning down two runs.

i’m sorry, but i still don’t get it

– He hopes Angel Pagan will be ready to bat left-handed by tomorrow against the Nationals in DC.

– Part of the reason he left Hisanori Takahashi in the game last night was because he only has 11 pitchers on the roster, “If we would’ve had the 12th guy, he’d have probably been out of there.”

– He feels the team’s poor road record is because he is missing a dominant set-up guy, which is something the team still desperately needs.

– Takahashi could be the set-up guy, bit the team would need to acquire a starting pitcher for that to happen.  Bobby Parnell will soon get work as the set-up man.

– He hopes to see Carlos Beltran back either right before or right after the All Star break.

– He doesn’t expect Beltran to instantly be an everyday player, which will allow him to rotate his outfielders for a while.

– In either case, he intends to sit down an explain the situation to all four outfielders and give them as much of a heads up on who will play when and where.

– He believes Beltran will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means playing other positions, “though he’s coming in as a center fielder.”

– Johan Santana is still working back from off-season surgery, and, “I think he’s coming on.”

– He predicts Lebron James will re-sign with the Cavalieres.