Recap: Jerry Manuel on WFAN

Mets manager Jerry Manuel was a guest of Mike Francesa on WFAN today, which you can listen to here.

Manuel said Jose Reyes will start rehabbing today in St. Lucie, and could begin running the bases during the next week.

He continues to start Fernando Tatis, despite him batting .250 in his last 21 games, because he believes he is a player who can get hot, like he did last season.

in other words, the only way to get tatis going, who can provide power, is to let him play

David Wright and Gary Sheffield will likely get tomorrow off, on the same day, Manuel explained, being a day game following a night game.

Manuel believes Fernando Martinez is close to putting it together, and since he’s playing such a strong defense, especially in center field, he will continue to put him in the starting lineup.

In the end, he says the team can’t afford to have its starting pitching hit a ‘bump in the road,’ because with good starting pitching the team is capable of winning.

Lastly, Manuel says he is a fan of Westerns.