Recap: Collins talks to reporters about Gee and Valdespin

Following the team’s 9-4 win against the Marlins, Terry Collins talked to reporters about Dillon Gee, as well as Jordany Valdespin, which you can listen to here:

During the discussion, Collins basically said:

  • He feels that Valdespin, who hit a home run in the game, is an outstanding prospect with a ton of ability.
  • He thinks Dillon Gee was very good today and got into a solid rhythm as the game went on.
  • He will have to give Ronnie Paulino a crash course once he gets here and is becoming increasingly concerned he won’t have enough time to get ready for the regular season.
  • He wants to get Paulino up to speed by playing him in a bunch of games, including minor league contests, but time is slipping away.