Read: Semper Failcoeur

“If the Mets have any sense at all (ahem), Francoeur will be non-tendered after the season, since he isn’t even worth his arbitration salary this year… This isn’t only about 2011. Despite everything they have endured (much of it self-inflicted), the 2010 Mets have a realistic shot at the playoffs… When and if Carlos Beltran returns… the Mets need to forget the Francoeur Dream and start Pagan in right (or center, if Beltran can’t play there).”

~ Matt Klaassen, in a post for

…i could see this happening… but, they’d miss frenchy’s arm… and, i am not confident in pagan’s ability to navigate that right-field circus corner, which francoeur has worked hard to learn… from an offensive point of view, matt makes a good point, though… but, i refuse to start daydreaming about a Beltran-Version of the batting order until i see him in a minor-league rehab game