Read: Q&A with Chipper Jones

Braves 3B Chipper Jones talked with reporters prior to yesterday’s game between the Mets and Braves.

Brian Costa posts the entire Q&A on his blog for the Star-Ledger, and quoted Jones as saying:

“I’ve enjoyed my time coming to New York.  I walk down the street in New York and people are just nice… There’s a part of me that will not forget some of the things I said when I was a brash young kid.  And that’s okay.  But coming to New York, I always liked playing on the biggest stage in baseball.  The Mets have been the closest thing to a rivalry I’ve had.”

…i’ve said this before, i have grown to appreciate and respect chipper… i mean, i still hope he strikes out every at bat when he’s facing the Mets… but, over the years, i find i appreciate how much he enjoys the rivalry with us, the fans… he makes it fun… of course, it would have been more fun had the Mets defeated just one of those late 90’s teams from Atlanta, but it is what it is… i’m not bitter… well, maybe a little