Read: More, on the Citi Field Patch

Last week, I put up a link and commented about the Citi Field 2009 Inaugural Season Patch from the Mets and MLB, of which I said, “This is one of the most basic, uninspiring designs I have seen in quite some time.”

Today, in a post about the new patch for Yankee Stadium, Peter Abraham writes the following to his blog for the Journal News:

“I’m tempted to arm my 3-year-old nephew Jason with his markers and see if he can do better. He certainly can’t do any worse… You have to love the Mets, the only team that would design a patch for their new stadium that doesn’t mention the stadium or show any images of it.”

What’s more, in a recent report for, Paul Lukas, author of Uni Watch, adds:

“Let’s skip the metaphors and jokes and just proceed straight to the simple, declarative truth: This is the worst sleeve patch in MLB history…  As usual, the Mets don’t need to look far to see how they should have handled this. All it takes is a quick glance toward the Bronx… For the sake of fans everywhere, please get a clue already.”

…i’m speechless… seriously, i am without speech… thanks, guys…