Read: Gaffes, Dumb Plays & Boneheaded Baseball

“What you notice most in this stunning turnaround at Citi Field is that, in contrast to last year, it’s the other guys making the crucial mistake or the dumb plays that leave a manager shaking his head.  For now, at least, the Mets aren’t the ones playing bonehead baseball.  It’s too early to pronounce them cured of the ills that plagued them in 2009, when their gaffes on the basepaths and in the field made them something of a laughingstock.”

~ John Harper, the Daily News

…it’s mostly the same players… and so, i think the difference is a consistent group of guys, playing mostly the same positions every day, with a consistent lineup, doing the same thing day in and day out… i know we like to always be thinking of change… change the rotation… change the batting order… switch his position to that position… promote so and so… trade for that guy… etc… but, i have talked to enough players at this point, current and former, and they all talk endlessly about routine, trust, and being consistent, i.e., knowing where he’s going to hit, when he’s going to pitch, who he’s throwing to, who’se playing next to him, etc., to know that, well, routine, trust, and being consistent must matter… from a technical point of view, it makes sense…

…i mean, i am sure it’s a lot easier for David Wright to take certain risks or do certain things in the field, with his glove or with his arm, when he trusts and knows where Jose Reyes is going to be, and he trusts and knows that Ike Davis – a true first baseman – is going to be there, able to handle his throw… what’s more, it helps davis to be in there every day, not platooning with Fernando Tatis one day and Mike Jacobs the next, to know how wright’s ball moves when he throws it bare handed, or from one foot deep in the hold, and so on… day in… day out… i think that, more than anything, has helped this team play a better brand of baseball the last week or so, be it on the mound, in the field, in the batter’s box or on the base paths