Read: David Wright and his Strikeouts

During yesterday’s 6-5 loss against the Giants, David Wright went 0 for 4 with four strikeouts, and was ejected after his fourth for arguing balls and strikes, and if the Mets had tied the game in the ninth inning, they would have been forced to use a pitcher in the field as Jerry Manuel had exhausted the bench by that point.

…i’ve never seen Wright explode like that…i can imagine how frustrated he is right now, but i think better judgment was necessary in that spot, considering the Mets had nobody left on the bench to play in the field…of course, Manuel lost all of his flexibility when he used Henry Blanco and Frank Catalanotto in the same instance during the eighth inning

Wright also went 0 for 3 on Saturday and tallied three strikeouts, and going back to Friday night, Wright has struck out in eight consecutive at bats.

According to Mark Simon of ESPN New York, Wright’s eight consecutive strikeouts is a Mets record, and no Met has ever struck out at least three times in three consecutive games.

…well, i hope Wright doesn’t set that record tonight…he seems to have trouble catching up with the real good fastballs, but his swing has been very long for the most part this season, and while his power and production numbers have improved dramatically, the strikeout rate is alarming, and it stymies other opportunities to score runs…he needs to get back to consistently driving the ball to the opposite field, rather than trying to pull the outside pitch and at the very least, be more productive with his outs…

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