Rangers, Blue Jays and Royals best option for Dickey

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Here’s what I learned this week, after talking to lots of people around the Mets and around baseball…

The Mets would like to trade R.A. Dickey or Jon Niese for a young, promising, impact bat to put in the outfield; they’d also like to trade minor leaguers for a young, right-handed hitting catcher with power; and they’d like to sign a veteran, reliable, free agent outfielder to a short-term contract.

New York Mets v St. Louis CardinalsAccording to people familiar with the situation, Sandy Alderson will move Niese to get the young hitter, but he would prefer to move Dickey instead. In either case, and this is important, if a logical, impact trade doesn’t present itself, Alderson is more than willing to give Dickey a two-year extension, keep Niese and move forward in just the free agent market.

Based on what I’m hearing, I’d say Alderson can spend close to $15 million on new acquisitions, so the above alternatives seem totally feasible. However, they’re strictly a short-term, back-up plan. I believe Alderson would much rather trade for talent with bigger upside that can be with the organization for years to come.

The Rangers, Blue Jays and Royals seem to be Alderson’s best options for that type of young hitter.