Mets are not on Michael Young's list

The Mets are not one of the eight teams on Michael Young’s list of where he is willing to be traded, according to Elysian Fields of

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, the Rangers have told infielder Michael Young they will attempt to trade him soon, “in part because Young has grown disillusioned with his diminished role on the team.”

Lately, most rumors have the Angels and Rockies most connected to Young.

I still don’t see how Young fits with the Mets, as some fans continue to suggest, if for no other reason than he’s due WAY too much money ($48 million) over the next three years and he hasn’t played second base since 2003.

Sure, I’d take his production from the Rangers last year and put it on the Mets, but I’m not confident those two things will translate given the difference between ballparks and leagues… and, to me, that risk is not worth what Sandy Alderson would have to give up in trade plus take back in salary.