Rangers GM Jon Daniels could be a Free Agent

According to Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com, “The Rangers’ recent change in ownership gave GM Jon Daniels the right to escape his contract at the end of the season,” and, though Texas would like to keep him, the two sides are not likely to engage in contract talks until after the season.

“If the Mets are serious,” Rosenthal explains, in regards to replacing Omar Minaya, “their first call should be to Daniels, a native New Yorker who just happens to be the leading candidate for Executive of the Year.”

This past weekend, in talking with people familiar with the team’s thinking, I was told there is at least one GM under contract who the the Mets have interest in.  I could not help and think of Daniels, though his name was never actually mentioned to me.

Personally, I am not 100 percent sold on Daniels.  I don’t know enough about him.  I like that he is from New York, grew up a Mets fan, and understands the market, and I like that he’s young, but I don’t know any of those things ultimately matter… they’re just personal preferences, I guess.  I do know I was confused by a lot of his moves before Nolan Ryan rode in to Texas, like the Adrian Gonzalez deal and signing Kevin Millwood and Michael Young.  Though, he’s also worked to make some helpful deals and has presided over a year-over-year performance in Texas that cannot be ignored, and I trust he needed that first year or two to take out the garbage and re-load his farm system, all of which allowed him to make a deal for a guy like Cliff Lee when it was time to take a shot at the post season…

…and yeah, I love that he’s a Mets fan.