RA Dickey likes Sandy’s plan, wants to stay – but for how much?

Matthew Cerrone , Lead Writer

In preliminary talks with the Mets, I’ve heard R.A. Dickey wanted at least three guaranteed years to start after 2013. Last week, I said the Mets are likely offering him a two-year deal < click to tweet this

The next day, the Daily News took it a step further and said the Mets believe they can sign Dickey to a two-year contract extension. I’m thinking $10 to 12 million a year, based on my best educated guess.

Dickey wants to return, that’s clear.

He talked on air with WFAN’s Mike Francesa yesterday and said he’s been in talks with the Mets organization about a contract extension and he hopes the two sides reach a compromise soon.

“I’ve expressed that repeatedly to Sandy and to the powers that be,” Dickey said. “There’s a sense of loyalty I have to an organization that gave me a very unique opportunity … Sandy has convinced me that the Mets are going to do something going forward. … We are going to improve. … He has convinced me, and I think he’s done a pretty good job of convincing David (Wright) that he has a plan for us to be a very competitive club going forward.”

I totally believe him. And, I’ll be honest, I’m starting to tip back to thinking the Mets might feel the same way. I had it at 50-50 just last week that he’d either re-up or get traded. I’ll now go 51-49 that he’s back. Why? I’ve heard some things the last few days that – in accordance with that Daily News report, and seeing how we all responded to him winning the Cy Young – makes me think both sides want to find a deal.

If they overpay a bit on the annual value, I wonder if Dickey would agree to make his third season an option? In other words, would he sign a two-year extension at $27 million, with a third-year vesting option? I think he might. It seems to undercut him, but he needs to be honest, as well, about how he can add to his income from opportunities available to him only in New York, and what he can do on-field in 2013 (that he hasn’t already done) to guarantee more money from another team next winter.

That said, I think Alderson will exhaust the trade market, as he should. First, because he needs more players and trading Dickey could be his best way of doing this, but also because talking with other teams can help educate the Mets on Dickey’s perceived value, which could later help them in contract negotiations. Alderson is an evidence-based, values-based guy, so perhaps he’s finding Dickey’s trade value to be less than he believes Dickey (and a new contract) can deliver on field the next few seasons. It’s usually that simple.