RA Dickey is a Hustler

“It was straight guerilla warfare tonight,” Dickey told reporters after the game.

“I used every trick I knew out there, calling them out to fix the mound, switching balls every other pitch. I did all I could do… I threw a lot of terrible knuckleballs… But I threw enough good ones in the right situations to get it done. That was nice… I was going to live and die by it.  I feel like you’re never more than one good knuckleball away from getting out of the inning.”

Actually, I envision him pausing, and peacefully saying with that calm, slightly southern drawl, “That was nice.”

Seriously, he cracks me up.  He’s such a competitor on the mound.  It’s great.  He’s aggressive, he’s a hustler, he makes that crazy face when he throws the ball… and yet he’s so calm, peaceful, intelligent and polite when talking after the game… it’s been a blast rooting for him this season.

Oh, and by the way, he’s been fantastic…

Dickey has a 2.36 ERA in 15 starts this season, during which – get this – he has pitched at least in to the sixth inning, letting up three runs or less, 13 times.

He has clearly been the team’s best start, and there is no way any one – from Omar Minaya down – who saw that coming.