R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball movement, and the bracelet

In last night’s 6-1 loss to the Reds, R.A. Dickey allowed five runs and 10 hits to the Reds, three of which were home runs.

“It was a bizarre outing. It really was,” Dickey said after the game. “[The knuckleball] kind of came and went. They certainly did not miss one that was a mediocre knuckleball. They saw it early and were able to hit it.”

Dickey fell to 15-4 and his ERA rose to 2.89 for the season – Dickey has now allowed 16 home runs this season.

Before the bottom of the second inning, Dickey was forced by the umpiring crew to remove a bracelet his kids made for him before he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this past January.

“I was a little bit angry. Nevertheless, I guess it is a rule and I had to follow it,” Dickey explained.

Michael Baron, Contributor

It was a strange night for Dickey, as he said. Dickey was clearly upset when the umpires forced him to cut off his bracelet early in the game. Regardless of that, he had wicked movement on his knuckleball, so much so that Josh Thole was charged with three passed balls on the night. It’s almost as if it had too much movement last night. The Reds are normally a free-swinging, overly aggressive group, but last night they were laying off a lot of Dickey’s pitches. That resulted in a lot of hitters’ counts, which forced Dickey to come in with his fastball. He got hit hard as a result – six of the 10 hits Dickey allowed were for extra bases, three of which were home runs.