R.A. Dickey should win the NL Cy Young Award this year

In last night’s 3-0 win over the Marlins, R.A. Dickey pitched a complete game, five-hit shutout for his 17th win of the season.

“I’m running out of things to say about him,” Terry Collins said after the game. “He threw some knuckleballs tonight that nobody is going to hit them.”

Dickey’s 17 wins are tied with Johnny Cueto and Gio Gonzalez for the most wins in the National League, his 2.63 ERA is third behind Cueto and Jordan Zimmermann, he is second behind Kyle Lohse with an .810 winning percentage, he is second behind Clayton Kershaw with 190 strikeouts and 191 1/3 innings pitched and he leads the NL in WHIP at 1.01.

“I know we’ve had a collapse in the second half, but when you look what [Dickey has] done the entire year, he had a lot to do in the first half with how we did,” Collins said. “He’s racked up numbers [against] every team in baseball, the good ones and no matter who he’s faced. He’s pitched great.”

Michael Baron, Contributor

His masterpiece last night wasn’t unlike most of his starts this season – his knuckleball was moving up and down through the zone, he varied the speed perfectly, and more or less mowed down Miami from start to finish. It’s becoming just another day at the office for Dickey, which is an unfair standard to hold him to considering how unlikely it is Dickey will pitch at this level next season. But as I said last night, he Dickey is must-see TV at this point – he is a superstar in the game now, a point of interest, and a reason to go see the Mets play. Basically, he’s his own drawing card, and there aren’t many people in baseball like that.

I don’t like to emphasize individual awards, but if Dickey doesn’t win the Cy Young Award in the National League, it will be an injustice. He should have enough opportunities to get to 20 wins as well, which would be an achievement in and of itself. But he has been the best pitcher in the National League, if not baseball, the entire season – the best pitcher deserves the award from my perspective. It’s a no brainer…