R.A. Dickey has a torn abdominal muscle, will have surgery

R.A. Dickey will have surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle on October 18, he told reporters after the game.

Dickey said he tore the muscle in April, but Ray Ramirez and the training staff did a great job keeping him ‘symptom free.’

The procedure is non-invasive and he expects to be 100 percent for Spring Training.

Dickey took a no-decision in his final start of the ending the year 20-6 with a 2.73 ERA and 230 strikeouts.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Of course he pitched with a torn abdominal muscle… because he’s Superman.

I just hope the surgeon doesn’t step on Dickey’s cape and risk success for our hero in 2013.

In all seriousness, if he doesn’t win the Cy Young award, I blame Lex Luthor. It’d be the only logical reason… He should be the only choice.

Good luck, RA, with the Cy Young and with surgery… It was a treat getting to watch you this year. You make baseball fun, we love rooting for ¬†you and I already can’t wait to see you pitch again next season.