R.A. Dickey discusses winning his 20th game of the season

After today’s 6-5 win over the Pirates, R.A. Dickey – who became the first Mets pitcher to win 20 games since 1990 – had the following to say about:

The day, winning the game, and Terry’s faith in him:

“It was as hard as its ever been to not get emotional. From the introductions to the last pitch. I certainly wish I struck out that last guy. But we won the game and that’s all that matters. Terry was so kind in wanting me to go out in the eighth, and believing that I can do it. That was special for me too.”

Pitching the eighth inning today:

“I was expecting a conversation. I didn’t know how it would go. It could have gone either way. … Terry and I have had great communication between us. … I was able to go back out and give the fans a little more.”

Whether he was shaking today:

“I feel it in my face … I dont know if that makes any sense. I want to get emotional. It’s hard, because of the season we’ve had. … It’s hard to really sink into it knowning the season coudl’ve been differently. But this moment transcends that in a way as far as the connection with the fans. … Winning 20 games is difficult, and it’s been a real grind at times. … It’s been a real exhale.”

His journey to this level of success:

“Growing up, you want to compete. Once you have the weaponry to compete, you want to be really good. Once you’re really good, you want to be supernaturally good. … I’ve done what I want to do, and I am satisfied.”

Whether or not he can win 20 games against:

“It doesn’t always add up like this, and so it’s special when it does. … It’s hard to do, and I want to enjoy this before [thinking about winning 20 games].”

Winning the Cy Young Award this season:

“Who doesn’t want to win the Cy Young Award? Who doesn’t want to be the best?”