Quotes: Omar Minaya and Jenrry Mejia about Mejia

Yesterday, the Mets announced that Jenrry Mejia has been sent back to Double-A Binghamton, where he will finally return to being a starting pitcher.

Mets GM Omar Minaya talked to reporters yesterday and said:

“We see him, long-term, as a starter… We think this time is a good time to get him down there and stretch him out, be able to throw his other pitches… We feel, to get him to the next level, he needed to pitch pretty much on a regular basis… This is just another step for him, that we feel is going to help him and help the team, long-term… Mejia has a vision. He’s focused. He knows what he wants to do.”

…this is true, and, from what i can gather, his goal is to be like Pedro Martinez, and he believes 100 percent that he can do it… in fact, i have heard from a few people close to the team who say mejia is one of the most confident rookies to ever walk through the clubhouse… in that, he has no doubt about his ability and what he’s capable of doing… i’m glad he is confident… but, that confidence is useless without the ability to command his fastball and compliment it with other pitches, especially if he’s going to be starting pitcher… i think we all know what the Mets were seeing in Spring Training, when the team decided to promote him and use him in the bullpen… but, it was never the right decision… what’s worse, like i was harping about back then, hopefully this experiment didn’t stunt his development in any way… hopefully, he gained experience from being in the big leagues, talking with veterans, etc., that will help him grow more quickly… who knows… this is not the path i or most fans would have taken, but, who cares, so long as it all works out in the end… good luck, jenrry

To see video of Mejia talking to reporters yesterday, watch this: