Quotes: from Last Night's Game in St. Louis

After last night’s 2-1, 20 inning victory over the Cardinals, Francisco Rodriguez told reporters between the ninth and the 19th inning, he estimated he threw 100 warm-up pitches, and by the time he entered the game in the 19th inning, Rodriguez said his arm was “dead”.

…when he blew that save last night, i was as dumbfounded as anyone but even before i knew how many warm up pitches he threw, i was concerned with how much gas he had in the tank when he finally came in, and i suppose i really wasn’t surprised he blew the save, but the LAST people i wanted to beat him was Albert Pujols or Yadier Molina in that spot…given the bizarre circumstances, i think it’s fair not to hold last night against K-Rod…

Regarding the game in general, Rodriguez told reporters “It was something unbelievable…”

Jeff Francoeur, who was 0 for 7 on the night, told reporters it was “The craziest game I’ve ever been a part of…How we won I have no clue..,It just felt like no one was ever going to get a hit…You knew nobody was going to hit a home run. Everybody was swinging for it. Everybody was tired.”

Mike Pelfrey, who earned the save last night, had made a 70-pitch side session earlier in the day and told reporters: “I kept trying to tell myself there was a reason I wasn’t hitting…Maybe because I was going to get to pitch. Everybody was giving me heck that I wasn’t hitting.”

…i thought his performance last night was real gritty…he started out with good velocity, but he definitely didn’t look as though he could go much further than he did, but it was a great and much needed contribution by Pelfrey

Jerry Manuel told reporters “[This game] was big for us…We needed to win this game. They were fighting all day to stay in the game. Hopefully, that’s a sign of things to come for us…We were able to hang around, hang around, hang around…Lay on the ropes for about nine innings and then waited for all the other guys to get out of the game.”

…for what it’s worth, towards the end of the night, all of the players put on their ‘rally caps’ and were all on top of the railing together, and i thought that was a great sign that, despite the struggles early on, this team was still together and still fighting as a unit…i don’t know what it all means at the end, but i hope last night was a turning point for this team…

Regarding Pelfrey, Manuel said:

“Pelfrey asked to pitch. He stepped up and said, ‘Hey I can do this.'”