Quote: Wright wants Change, a New Look, New Life

“I’m sure there is going to be changes made, just as far as the culture, but I think it’s important as an organization that we get back to those expectations that when we’re winning games, we’re playing winning baseball and where we expect to win every year…  It sucks to lose.  It’s not fun.  In this market, with these fans, they want winners, we want to win, and, obviously, this has been a disappointing season all around…  Obviously, there are some problems.  You want consistency, you want stability, and you can’t have that when you have the seasons we’ve had.  I think there needs to be changes.  There needs to be a new look, some new life.  If that involves the coaching staff, that’s up to Mr. Wilpon and the Front Office. I think the players are as much to blame as any one else.  I think there needs to be some sort of change to give it a new look and new life…  I don’t think there’s one change we can make that can be a magic potion and really solve the problems that we have.  I think starting pitching wins Championships.  You look at teams in our division, the Braves – one through five – are built for that 162–game schedule.  The Phillies have three number ones at the top of that rotation…  It all starts with starting pitching…  You go out there, from Day 1 of Spring Training, you drill in to our heads that we’re gonna have a different attitude, a winning attitude, and that we expect to go out there and win every night, and I think it starts there.”

~ David Wright, on WFAN

This is a great quote.  It seems like everyone understands what needs to happen.  The question is: will it?  It’s going to be a very, VERY interesting start to the off season, as the Mets move to change how things are done.  Then, it will become about what gets done.  I’m excited to see what they do.

Wright also talks about becoming such a streaky hitter; bright spots from 2010, like Mike Pelfrey and RA Dickey; among other things.

To listen to Wright’s interview on WFAN, keep checking here.