Quote: Wally Backman on being Mets Manager

“It would be impossible to say I don’t focus on it.  Do I want the Mets to do good?  Absolutely, because this is who I came up with.  Do I want the organization to be better?  Absolutely.  Are there things that maybe I could do better?  Probably… I’m prepared to go to a major league team.  There’s no question in my mind I’m ready for it.”

Wally Backman, via New York Post

The news here is in Backman saying he could probably do better than Jerry Manuel, which I am sure some people may see as being out of line or disrespectful… but, let’s be honest, that doesn’t make it any less true.

I have heard from people close to the team that there is a ‘very good chance’ Backman ends up replacing Manuel, and something could be announced not long after the season officially ends.  However, I don’t think any final decisions have been made.  He could certainly say or do something to change minds, and force the team to rethink what it wants to do.

Whether he has earned the job, or is most qualified, I am not yet sure.  But, at this point, I think it’s pretty clear he is the front runner for the position.